SDEA Annual General Meeting 2019 | 24th August

We’re excited to announce SDEA will be holding its annual general meeting (AGM) on Saturday 24th August 2019, at 10am, at Centre 42.

This is a vital AGM for all of us. We are at a crossroads with many decisions to make, which will only put SDEA in a better position to advocate for the value and practice of drama and theatre in community, performance, and education.

Be there to shape the theatre/drama industry. Elect a new committee to represent you and lead us forward, and vote on changes to the constitution that will secure our charity status and our future.

Some of the things to look forward to during the AGM
  • Election of the new committee for 2019-2021
    • The current Committee for the term of 2017-2019 will end their term on 24th August 2019, at the AGM, and a new committee will be voted in to lead SDEA for the next 2 years. This could be you.
    • If you believe in the advancement of the profession of the drama educator and advocating for the value and practice of drama and theatre, and want to do more, this is your chance to lead and shape the future and growth of SDEA.
    • Click here to find out more about how you can run for the SDEA Committee.
*Open nominations are closed as of 9th August 2019! If you'd like to submit any nominations, you may continue to do so and your submission may be considered.

  • Voting on changes to the constitution
    • We are currently in the midst of applying for charity status in Singapore. These changes will secure our charity status and our future.
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Sat Aug 24, 2019
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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General Admission (Members Only) FULL
Venue Address
42 Waterloo Street Singapore
Singapore Drama Educators Association

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